The CASHCLOUD Card works like any conventional debit card.
You can swipe for purchases and withdraw cash at any ATM or participating retailer nationwide.

The CASHCLOUD Card is a perfect solution if:

  • You can’t open a conventional bank account.
  • You are struggling with bad credit and do not qualify for a bank account.
  • You are a parent and need a cheap and safe way to give your child an allowance for study expenses.
  • You are a student.
  • You are earning a salary in the big city and need to send money home to a rural area or a family member or spouse.
  • You are tired of the high costs of conventional banking and you are looking for a safe and affordable alternative banking solution.
  • You are a foreign individual and have NO South African identity document.
  • You are a tourist or visitor to South Africa and do not want to carry large amounts of cash.
  • Safe: your cash is now safe from prying criminals and payday robbers.
  • Secure: the CASHCLOUD card is a MasterCard.
  • Convenient and affordable: you can withdraw cash at any ATM at a fixed low cost.
  • Local and International POS purchases at any store that accepts cards with the MasterCard logo which is almost everywhere.
  • Cash withdrawals at the till at any Pick ‘n Pay, Boxer, Checkers or Shoprite Kiosk.
  • Easy: minimum FICA requirement (ID, Passport, Asylum or Refugee paper (CASHCLOUD Lite) required and Confirmation of address (CASHCLOUD Blue), foreigners are welcome).